Benita Peacock

Remedial Massage Therapist

About me

I graduated as a sports and remedial massage therapist in 2002, and have continued my interest and studies in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond. Whilst living in Melbourne I taught many subjects in the remedial massage degree for 7 years, before moving up to our beautiful Northern Rivers in 2011.

I’ve long had a respect and passion for the body, for what it carries for us and copes with. We can put an enormous load emotionally and physically on it, and it rarely complains. For me, massage is more than muscle deep, it needs to treat the whole person. So I work with posture, muscles, fascia, joints, hearts and minds to ensure a complete, respectful and professional experience.

My Philosophy


Massage benefits the whole being, it brings you back to healthy diaphragm breathing, which massages your internal organs and returns your body to your parasympathetic nervous system (healing space). It relieves tired, overworked or dysfunctional muscles. It allows your mind a bit of ‘switch off’ time.  It improves your posture and awareness in how your body moves. It helps your circulatory and lymphatic system to function well. Every  aspect of our body and mind are supported and nourished by experienced massage therapists. For all those that have experienced massage with me in the past….. you know…..I absolutely love massage (yes, even after all these years).


I believe the pregnant body deserves specialist care, someone who knows pregnancy well, stays informed and up to date in their field, someone to care for the healthy changes in your ever changing body. Postural, emotional, spiritual. Someone who really listens to you. Someone that can help you attain the birth and entry into parenthood that you desire.

For many years now I have supported women in their pregnancy and post natal care. Every woman and every pregnancy is different, one treatment does not fit all. Pregnancy is a very rare and special time in a woman’s life, please don’t trust it to just anyone.  Make sure your therapist has extra qualifications in Pregnancy Massage and knows how to position you in a safe and comfortable manner (not lying on your belly in a ‘pregnancy cushion set’).

Pregnancy massage is not just an adjustment to a routine therapists learn in school… it is a whole new venture.


Massage should be accessible to everyone. I can bring the massage to you… Every client will experience the same level of respect and professionalism within the comfort of your own space.

I guarantee clean linen, quality oils and professional treatment. Health rebates apply.


Every woman is her own expert and has an innate knowledge of pregnancy and birth. My aim is to nurture this intuition and back it up with information, understanding, research and knowledge, leaving you and your birth partner full of confidence and excitement to birth your baby.



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